Livable Remodeling

Jul 07, 2016

Our team, at Earl Weaver Contractors, uses the BuildClean dust control system, along with other best dust management practices, on every job to make every project “livable” and to ensure that our clients are highly satisfied.

Alleviating dust during a remodel has always been a problem– until recently, when a new market solution that “scrubs” the air was introduced. By incorporating this new system our crews can dramatically reduce job site dust and capture 90% of the dirty airborne work area dust.

With this practice dust is actually trapped and contained within the job work area – and then eliminated. This keeps the areas outside of the construction site cleaner. And keeps construction dust from lingering in your home months after the work is done. Our system – which is sometimes referred to as “livable remodeling” – is a quiet and effective method of dust control that provides continuous and highly efficient air filtration during construction.

Some benefits for this construction process are :
• Provides a more livable environment during remodeling
• Offers healthier conditions for you, your family and pets
• Protects sensitive electronics like computers and TVs
• Virtually eliminates lingering dust issues

Managing dust and maintaining good indoor air quality during and after remodeling is becoming the industry standard